KANTO-PPC Inc., formerly ProsperChem Inc. (PPC), was established in June 2003 and formally incorporated into the global sales system of electronic chemicals business unit of Kanto Chemical Co., Inc. of Japan in 2004. In response to the globalization trend and the sustainable management in order to provide more advanced products and more comprehensive services, we strengthened the shareholder structure and officially became a subsidiary of Kanto Chemical Co., Inc. of Japan with the name changed to “KANTO-PPC Inc.”.

KANTO-PPC provides high purity electronic chemicals required in the processes of semiconductor and optoelectronics industries. We collaborate with Kanto Chemical Japan to build the plants with state-of-the-art clean rooms as well as research and development equipment in Taiwan. Our sales and marketing network reaches the major domestic and international semiconductor and optoelectronics manufacturers. As the precision requirement of the customers’ processes have become more vigorous, we not only upgrade the product quality but also develop the products of next generation to enhance the international competitiveness of the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries.
KANTO-PPC consists of a professional team focusing on the production, integration, and marketing of electronic chemicals. We wish to add innovative services in addition to a series of existing products. We firmly uphold the thinking from customers’ perspectives from “empathy” to provide services most suitable for customers. We value every opportunity to contact you, and each communication or interaction with you is regarded as inspiration for us to build up the customized service models.
Previously, we underwent a few milestones including the technology, environment, and customer orientations. At the present time and in the future, KANTO-PPC is and will be strengthening the core technologies to offer the most desirable products and services in order to become the best partner of your business. We also wish to work with you to provide this land and its people with joyful elements and make efforts in the improvement of the society, the environment, and the human life.